About me 

  My current focus is on sustainability, and as such, I founded The Shower Scene, LLC.., a company focused on sustainability in the shower and bath. Its main products are designer, adjustable, made-in-America shower caps for which we hold a patent.


  I have a Ph.D. in teaching reading, as well as certifications in the education of emotional, behavioral, learning disabled, developmentally delayed, and general elementary-aged children.  I’ve taught all levels from preschool to graduate level college.


  My interest in children led to being a finalist for the Impact on Education Award and the Colorado Mother of the Year. I researched medical and developmental aspects of baby swimming and together with Janet McCabe published The Baby Swim Book: A TLC Approach for Teaching Your Child To Swim.  The book was one of the first about this topic, was used as a textbook in colleges and was adopted by Norway, Japan, Australia, and South Africa as the preferred instructional method.


  I’ve been a member of the Daily Camera’s Editorial Advisory Board, in which capacity I wrote editorials on subjects affecting our community.


  I served as a liaison to two Democrats and two Republicans in the Colorado legislature, was a member of the Political Action Committee for Education, and the Vice President of the Boulder Valley Education Association.  Early in my career, I conceived of and coordinated workshops for persons concerned with various aspects of handicapped legislation in order to set up a strategy to pass the original Colorado Handicapped Children’s Education Act.


  Running for County Commissioner was a natural, organic decision that grew from my concern about Boulder County’s divisive path forward.  My goal is to use my experience in working with people from diverse backgrounds to help our community forge ahead more harmoniously and productively.